October 11, 1939: Albert Einstein informed Franklin D. Roosevelt of the possibilities of an atomic bomb.
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  • ss2 students

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    Students chanting the national anthem

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Activity Schedule
Resumption for staff Thursday 20 April,2017
Resumption for Borders Sunday 23 April,2017
Resumption of Classes Monday 24 April,2017
Opening Mass Tuesday 25 April,2017
Ascension(Holiday) Thursday 25 May 2017
First Continous Assessment Wed.31 May- Fri.02 June.2017
Mid Term Break(Js 3 Examination) Sun.4 June - Mon. 12 June. 2017
Second Continous Assessment Wed.21 June - Fri.23 June 2017
Central Examination for Diocesan Secondary Schools Mon.3 July - Fri. 7 July 2017
Submission of Results for Vetting and Endorsement Wed. 12 July 2017
Vacation Fri. 14 July 2017
Resumption for Staff for First Term Thursday 7 September. 2017
Resumption for Boarders for First Term Sunday 10 September 2017

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